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 Important Information for Member Log In

If you are currently an Albuquerque Bar Association member, please log in and update your profile and directory listing! 

The default password is 'ABQBAR' (case-sensitive), and you will be asked to change your password upon first log in. Your initial user name should be one of the following:

  • First and last name with no spaces. (Example: if your name is John Smith, your user name is JohnSmith) 
  • Your middle name (if this is what you use instead of your first name) and last name with no spaces. (Example: if your name is J. Adam Smith, your user name is AdamSmith)
  • If you use a nickname, your user name will be your full first name and last name with no spaces, not your nickname. (Example: If your name is Johnathan Smith, but you go by John Smith, your user name will still be JohanthanSmith)
  • Lastly, if there is a hyphen (-) or an apostrophe (') in your last name, there will be a hyphen or apostrophe in your user name. (Example: John Smith-Adams would be JohnSmith-Adams and John O'Brien would be JohnO'Brien)

Please note that if you paid your 2011 ABA dues through the State Bar of NM, you may not be able to log in to the site as an active member.  This information will be updated as soon as possible. Please contact Martha Domme at 505-842-1151 if you have questions.

If you are an attorney but not a member of the Albuquerque Bar Association:

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