Albuquerque Bar Association Membership Benefits 



Monthly Luncheons: These meetings are great networking opportunities and are regularly attended by local judges and other legal dignitaries. Speakers address current legal issues and community affairs, and forums allow exposure of candidates for public and judicial offices. We offer easy Pre-Pay and Auto-Registration options for our luncheons.


CLE Seminars: Conveniently held after monthly luncheons, these seminars are the most affordable live CLE presentations in our legal community, and we provide quick credit reporting. Our new August CLE is tailored for recently admitted and soon-to-be attorneys; it is entitled “Things I Wish I Had Known”


Short on credits and time? We also have CLE DVDs available for order as well as online streaming – you can watch immediately on your computer or tablet!


***By becoming a member, you can attend luncheons and CLE programs at a discounted rate, allowing you to save up to $100.00 on luncheon meetings and $170.00 on CLE courses per year!***


Special Events: Each year, we hold an award winning Law Day Luncheon in May, a complimentary members only New Judges Reception to honor newly sworn local, state and federal judges, a complimentary Cocktails with Co-Counsel happy hour, and a Roast Dinner to honor a distinguished peer.


Lawyer Referral Service: This is a public service program designed to direct persons in need of legal services to Albuquerque Bar Association lawyers enrolled in the program. It is an opportunity to expand your client base and receive annual probono hours!


***As a special incentive for new members, if you join the Albuquerque Bar Association we will offer you one free CLE of your choice. 5% individual discounts and up to 10% firm discounts are available on total dues! Conditions apply, so please ask for details. Auto-Renewal is also an option for membership dues***